Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wandering Home

Here's a little something I made that relates to my upcoming exhibition in Seattle.

 by Juliana Wisdom
music and sound by Mikal Cronin.

 Searching for the definition of home, I use forms and materials relating to historical women's undergarments, comparing their themes of structure and privacy to those of a home. The idea of transience lead me to mollusks, and how so many of them are nomads, carrying their home with them wherever they go. The show, called Wandering Home, is based on my own recent move from Seattle. I took only what could fit in my little Toyota and drove down the coast to San Diego, staying briefly before packing my life into my car again to settle in the bay area. I liked the double entendre in the title, that "wandering home" could refer to a person who is wandering, or it could refer to the home itself wandering, in the form of a shell, or maybe just as a feeling.

If you're in Seattle, stop by the Robert Madsen Gallery between March 10th and April 14th to see 
my new body of work!

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